About Me

Training and Experience

I studied medicine for 2 years and soon realised that I wanted to focus on prevention and health promotion. I obtained university degrees in Human Nutrition (BSc.) and Epidemology (MSc.) and studied ways to improve health on a population level and in individuals.

I learned about the scientifically profound factors that are relevant for a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, physical activity, social aspects and health psychology related issues such as stress management and behaviour change. I strongly believe that there is a powerful connection between the body and mind and I have had the opportunity to help individuals improve their health and wellbeing significantly, taking physical and mental lifestyle components into account.

I constantly keep myself updated by reading and attending trainings and conferences. I am glad to offer you the best service possible and commit myself to attaining the highest standards of knowledge and competence in the practice of evidence based nutrition and lifestyle related topics.

I look forward to accompanying and supporting you on your way!

Feedback & Reviews

What clients say about my services.

“Klara from Maya Nutrition gives wonderful nutritional consulting!
I had 6 consultation sessions with her and every time I felt very well taken care of with my questions and uncertainties, I was looking forward to every consultation 🙂 I received a nutrition plan that was perfectly tailored to my needs, other documents that I printed out and put on my refrigerator so that I was reminded of it over and over again. Now I am very happy with my diet. Thank you dear Klara and good luck!”


„Despite my healthy diet, I haven’t managed to lose a few Kilos in years. Through Klara’s careful analysis of my eating and lifestyle habits and working together, I was able to get closer to my goal step by step. Even small changes in eating and exercise habits have shown themselves on the scale and through an increase in my well-being. Highly recommended!“


„Klara gave some nutrition advice and it has been so helpful! She is really nice, kind and explains everything very detailed. You can always ask her if you are not sure in something. I would definitely recommend her to everyone!“