What Can I Do for You?

I offer scientifically based nutrition consulting. All strategies are tailored to your personal needs.

Women’s Health

Nutrition and lifestyle choices play an important role in every stage of your life as a woman. Your body goes through various changes during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause, and so do your needs at every stage.

Fad diets are ineffective and can be harmful to your health. Sustainable weight management can only be achieved by optimising eating and lifestyle behavior and it needs to be practiced responsibly. The aim is to acquire health-promoting habits step by step that will accompany you throughout your life.


Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition

Whether for environmental, ethical or health reasons, more and more people are choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet. Reducing meat consumption and eating a balanced plant-based  diet has many health benefits.

It can be challenging, especially at the beginning, to reduce the consumption of animal products. You may have many questions such as: “What do I need to eat to get all the essential nutrients and avoid deficiencies?” “Do I have to take any supplements?” “What about blood tests?” “Is a vegetarian / vegan diet suitable at all stages of life ?“

I support you:

  • Learn to make the right food choices
  • Manage your weight and cravings
  • Optimise your diet and lifestyle by adopting and maintaining healthier habits
  • With information and a nutrition and lifestyle plan to meet your individual needs in every life stage
  • Coach and guide you trough actionable steps to help you achieve your goals
  • Ensure your nutrient status is balanced
  • Provide feedback on your current diet and supplement intake

Need Advice?

I invite you to book a free introductory call with me to discuss your specific needs. The consultations are currently taking place online.